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Turkuaz Izmir Cicekcilik A.S. Our company, which started its activities in 1994, is engaged in the production and export of cut flower varieties such as gerbera and greenery types, with standard and mini carnation density. We work in coordination with the production centers located in different geographies of Turkey in order to be able to supply our customers regularly throughout the year. In terms of density, we supply products from İzmir, Antalya and in the summer months from Isparta region. In addition, the fact that Turkey’s only flower export auction is located in Izmir is an extra advantage in terms of our company’s location. Within the scope of the auction, the products of more than 800 local producers producing only in İzmir are sold at this auction.

Considering all the production stakeholders throughout Turkey, our company has the power to supply products from a production area of approximately 400,000m2.

When evaluated on a product basis, our seasonal average supply figures are as follows;

Standard Carnations

35 million pieces

Spray(Mini) Carnations

15 million pieces


5 million pieces

Types of Foliage

10 million pieces

Other Cut Flowers

1 million pieces

We meet all demands with its wide distribution network

Our company has distribution centers in different centers of Eastern Europe and expert teams working in these centers. Thus, we are able to respond quickly to requests from different parts of Eastern Europe. By keeping fresh cut flowers in our distribution centers on special days (mother’s day, Easter, Valentine’s day, women’s day, etc.), we are able to respond not only to large wholesale companies, but also to the demands of local and small tradesmen. In addition, our company regularly follows the fairs in the Netherlands, Germany and France every year in order to closely follow the technological innovations and changes in the cut flower industry.


Our company aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers and maintain its commitment to high quality by supporting them in their markets. Our company, which pays maximum attention to quality and customer satisfaction, aims to reach the summit in cut flower exports in European and Balkan countries with the experience gained since 1995 and the support of our production supply chain.


We aim to increase our international role and operate on a global scale by expanding our export capacity to other countries and regions in the near future.